Welcome to the Keatan.com directory

Hi, I’m Keatan, and this is my directory portal where I collect and collate various useful phone numbers from around the web.

On this site you can find customer service phone numbers for various UK companies that try to fob you off after you’ve bought their stuff and have problems unresolved such as non-delivery, misdelivery or lack of forthcoming information.

Convenient Links

Don’t miss: our guide to DVLA Contact Numbers – a really useful reference for British drivers needing to contact the DVLA urgently with enquiries about vehicle registration and driving licences.

If you need to sort out your finance, contact these Vanquis numbers where their customer service banking advisors can help.

The energy giant E.ON is – or could be – your energy supplier, and you can call our E.ON numbers to discover whether they’ll save you money on your bill each month.

We all need a special night here and there, and our contact details for Ticketmaster will let you enquire about a show or amend a ticket booking you made.

Book air travel on our British Airways phone numbers, where flights are sorted breezily by the customer service people present.