British Airways Contact Number: 0843 504 7210

Phone British Airways on this contact number 0843 504 7210 to make a new flight booking or discuss an existing one.

British Airways, commonly referred to as BA, is the premier full-service airline company in the UK. It’s also the British flag carrier airline and the largest in terms of fleet size. With its corporate slogan, “To Fly. To Serve.”, they sure make certain to offer the best quality flights and holiday packages to their customers who enjoy exploring the world. They have flights travelling to every continent in the world as well as international hotel and resort partners which make for a holiday experience worth remembering.

If you want to learn more about BA’s luxury packages, then you can call their travel advisors at 0843 504 7210 for more information and to book a flight to your next holiday destination.

If you have any queries regarding any of BA’s packages and services, then you can visit their Help and contacts page here Here you can find a comprehensive list of answers to FAQs regarding the airline.

The following numbers are useful if you want to contact BA for specific reasons:

  • New bookings, price enquiry for any BA service – 0843 504 7210.
  • Enquiry regarding changes to a booked flight – 0344 493 0787, then option 1.
  • Enquiry regarding changes to a car rental or hotel booking- 0344 493 0787, then option 1.
  • Assistance with name changes and special meals – 0344 493 0787, then pick option 3.
  • Paying for your seat and/or extra allowance for baggage – 0344 493 0787, then choose option 3.
  • Assistance with baggage and seating enquiries – 0344 493 0787, then press option 3.
  • Checking the arrival and departure of your flight – 0344 493 0777.
  • Group Travel Enquiries – 0344 493 0765.
  • Refund Enquiries for flights– 0344 493 0787, then option 1.
  • Refund Enquiries for car rentals and hotel bookings – 0344 493 0787, then option 1.
  • Advance Passenger Information (API) and other enquiries – 0344 493 0787, then option 3.
  • Assistance with delayed baggage:  0344 493 0785.
  • Assistance with Baggage Claims – 0344 493 0787, – choose option 3, then option 2.

Alternatively, you can write to BA customer care through the post:

British Airways,
Customer Relations (S506),
PO Box 1126,
UB8 9XS,
United Kingdom.

When writing to them, you need to include your file reference. It’s a 10 digit sequence under this format: ‘LHRBA12345’.

  • If you require assistance with a disability – 0344 493 0787, then option 3, or if you’re using minicom dial 0845 700 7706.

You can also email BA by using their form here:

Assistance with the BA website – 0344 493 0787, then option 3.

If you particularly enjoyed your flight with them and had a great experience with their crew and employees, then you can send a compliment and a thank you here:

By filling in the necessary details about you and your flight, BA will be able to pass along the compliment to the right employee.

If you are disappointed about the experience you had with BA and would want to complain, you can do so by calling Customer Relations at 0344 493 0787, option 3 then option 2. If you want, you can also contact them through this form found here:

You will first be asked to choose a language before being redirected to the contact form. You can also write to them at the following address:

British Airways,
Customer Relations (S506),
PO Box 1126,
UB8 9XS,
United Kingdom.

For a quick response on your queries, you can also contact them via twitter @British_Airways. They are always online 24/7, ready to help.

You can also drop by their Facebook account here and interact with them via comments or private messages.

British Airways customer care are also active on Google Plus here:

If you wish to send them a letter in the post, use this address:

British Airways Plc,
PO Box 365,
UB7 0GB.