Ticketmaster Contact Number: 0333 321 9999

Phone Ticketmaster customer services on 0333 321 9999 to discuss a concert or other live booking.

Ticketmaster is a US based ticketing service company that deals in tickets for shows and events. The company was established in 1976 in America and now has prominent operations in 20 countries servicing over 12,000 clients. They are considered the number 1 ticketing company in the world. Their reach and influence only got stronger when they merged with Live Nation in a deal in 2009 which birthed Live Nation Entertainment.

They have already sold more than 450 million tickets for about 145 thousand events. These astounding numbers are the reason why they’re considered as one of the top e-commerce websites around. With their website and mobile app, they are making things really convenient for their customers.

If you are a Ticketmaster customer in the UK who is having some issues about their service, then you can visit their Help Centre here: http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/h/help.html

Ticketmaster claim that 95% of their customers who browse the Help Centre find the solution to thier issues. This may well be true. Their categories are labelled as follows:

  1. Live Ticket Delivery Updates
  2. Cancelled and Altered Events
  3. Confirmation of Booking
  4. Access Information
  5. Gift Cards
  6. Update Delivery Address
  7. My Account ( This is where you can find your order details and your receipt.)
  8. Contact Us

If you click on the “Contact Us” box, you will be redirected to a page with the following Ticketmaster contact information:

  • 0333 321 9999 if you’re calling from within the UK.
  • +44 161 425 7563 if you’re ringing from overseas.
  • 0333 321 9996 – Use this number if you are calling from Northern Ireland and the UK and you have tickets for a show in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland.
  • 0818 903 001 – Use this number if you are calling from the Republic of Ireland and have tickets for shows in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. You can also visit the Ticketmaster Ireland website at: www.ticketmaster.ie

If you scroll down and click on the  “Top 10” and “FAQs by Category” tabs, you’ll see additional categories and subcategories that will help you find solutions to your issues. The third tab is marked “Contact Us”. If you click on this tab, you will be redirected here: http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/h/help.html

On that website, you will be asked to submit information about you and the ticket you purchased or the event you wish to enquire about. You will also be asked to provide a booking reference and the last 4 digits of your purchase card but if you still have yet to book a ticket with them, you can just key in “0000” and you’ll still be able to ask your question.